Candida Cleanse

Candida Cleanse

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CandidaZyme is a proprietary blend of enzymes and probiotics formulated to
dissolve candida in the
digestive tract.

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How to use CandidaZyme

There are a couple ways to take CandidaZyme so that you get the full benefit of the product with no waste. The easiest and best method is to sprinkle about one-half teaspoon of the CandidaZyme powder on top of a small serving of your favorite low fat or regular yogurt. (Don’t use sugar-free yogurt - it adds to the candida problem).

The second method is to float the CandidaZyme powder on orange juice (or similar). Orange juice is thick and will support the weight of the CandidaZyme powder. You can use water but you will have to be quicker in swallowing the floating bubble of powder since water is thinner than orange juice when compared to viscosity or

Also note that since you are trying to swallow the powder suspended by a fluid, there may be a tendency to slightly inhale as you drink the juice with the powder floating on the top. This may cause some of the powder to go down the wrong pipe, so just gulp the glass of orange juice (or water) and the powder bubble without inhaling.

The best glass or cup to use is a short and wide one. Fill the glass about one-half full and then drop
one-half teaspoon of CandidaZyme towards the center creating a nickel size bubble of powder. This is what we call floating the powder. Then drink it quickly. If the bubble of powder sinks it will stick to the bottom of the glass or cup. Just drink what you have and start over. Do not mix the powder in the juice or water because it will stick to the sides of the glass. The objective is to have this glob of wet powder to be released in the esophagus, stomach,
small intestine and large intestine.

How CandidaZyme Works
An enzyme called cellulase in the CandidaZyme powder dissolves the candida in the digestive tract. Another ingredient ensures proper levels of the good bacteria that will eventually take charge and keep the candida at a level that is balanced for the body. If you happen to eat foods that feed candida, CandidaZyme is the secret weapon to stop any extra growth of candida. There is a technique to feed and kill candida: that is, to eat a banana which is one of the fruits you want to not eat on a regular basis because of its high sugar (fructose) content. Candida loves bananas. This procedure is called baiting the candida. The banana is the bait. Twenty minutes after you have eaten the banana take some CandidaZyme as described above, and the enzymes in the CandidaZyme will melt the candida in place.

Store the bottle of CandidaZyme in the refrigerator after opening. This will ensure freshness over time. If you happen to leave the bottle of Candidazyme out over night or even a few days just put it back into the refrigerator
and it will still be all right. * This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure, or prevent any disease.

Dr. Farinelli has been treating patients for candida-related health issues for over 20 years.
His research has gone down many paths, and the blend of enzymes in the product named CandidaZyme has proven over-and-over to help many-many people overcome the effects of candida in their system.

CandidaZyme is available from Dr. Farinelli at his clinic in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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601 E. Swallow Road
Fort Collins, Colorado 80525 USA
Phone: 970-266-1000

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